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Providing electronic versions of key liturgical books

This project — to create electronic eBook versions of liturgical texts — began when the first iPad was released back in 2011 and the possibility of using a tablet in worship became a reality. The only problem was that there were no resources available to use on a tablet or phone. So I began to develop these, beginning with the new third edition of the Roman Missal. The text is designed to be used during the celebration of this sacred and beautiful mystery, with strategically placed hyperlinks to easily lead you through the celebration.

The liturgy of the hours project began a dozen years earlier with the preparation of printed books to assist members of a retreat community to pray together. These files are the basis of the now greatly enhanced and revised texts of the key offices of the great prayer gift for the whole church – the Liturgy of the Hours.

Finally the Lectionary preparation has also been a labour of love over the past decade. The latest versions include numerous enhancements to text formatting and additional hyperlinks to make the use of the resource to be more intuitive than ever before.

The Eucharist

From the General Instruction of the Roman Missal [GIRM]

“When the Lord was about to celebrate with his disciples the Passover meal in which he instituted the Sacrifice of his Body and Blood, he gave instructions that a large, furnished upper room should be prepared (Lk 22:12). The Church has always regarded this command as applying also to herself when she gives directions about the preparation of people’s hearts and minds and of the places, rites, and texts for the celebration of the Most Holy Eucharist.” [GIRM, 1]

“For the celebration of the Eucharist is an action of the whole Church, and in it each one should carry out solely but completely that which pertains to him or her, in virtue of the rank of each within the People of God. In this way greater consideration will also be given to some aspects of the celebration that have sometimes been accorded less attention in the course of time. For this people is the People of God, purchased by Christ’s Blood, gathered together by the Lord, nourished by his word. It is a people called to bring to God the prayers of the entire human family, a people giving thanks in Christ for the mystery of salvation by offering his Sacrifice. Finally, it is a people made one by sharing in the Communion of Christ’s Body and Blood. Though holy in its origin, this people nevertheless grows continually in holiness by its conscious, active, and fruitful participation in the mystery of the Eucharist.” [GIRM, 4]

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