Roman eMissal

Full interactive hyperlinked text of the approved English language Roman Missal, third edition.

– Includes the name of Pope Francis (as ‘Francis our Pope’) in the text; plus a whole series of minor textual improvements including the weekdays around Epiphany.
– Includes “with blessed Joseph, her Spouse” in the texts of Eucharistic Prayers 2, 3 and 4.
– Includes final approved texts of Eucharistic Prayers for Children.
– The Sunday and Weekday texts for Ordinary Time have been separated to make the selection of Prefaces easier.
– Sundays 3-5 in Lent have two versions (for Year A and Year B/C)
– Extensive modifications in the Rituals section – providing through-composed Eucharistic Prayers (with all of the special intercessions inserted at the appropriate places) for the Ordination of Bishops, Priests and Deacons, as well as Nuptial Masses.
– New feasts added include Mary Magdalene (22 July) upgraded to Feast and Monday after Pentecost (Mary, Mother of the Church).
– Mass during a Time of Pandemic
– Includes Nov 2020 change to the endings of Collects, from “one God…” to “God…”

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